Performance Email Marketing with Chase Dimond

In this episode, Chase Dimond, Founder of Boundless Labs, discusses how to elevate email marketing for performance marketers.

About our guest:

Chase Dimond is Founder of Boundless Labs, an email marketing agency focused on growth & performance. Chase began his work in email by building communities using non-paid acquisition then shifted to provide consultation for brands to drive revenue growth through email. Chase discusses the importance of 1st Party Audiences and owned-channels in light of recent privacy-centric changes.

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Twitter: @ecomchasedimond

  • 01:24: Intro and initial thoughts on current state of digital marketing
  • 04:19: Advice on how to grow email lists
  • 08:43: Thoughts on using discounts / freebies to acquire new customers
  • 11:36: Common mistakes brands are making in their email marketing
  • 17:05: Setting up emails for success (and avoiding the spam folder)
  • 19:52: Closing thoughts

Key takeaways

  • Grow your customer list through on-site forms with an offer
  • If a brand is promo-sensitive, promote bundling to increase units per transaction while providing an offer
  • Segment email lists to drive more click-through and increase email deliverability (and avoid the spam folder)

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