Customer Relationship Management with Morgan Chemij

In this episode, Morgan Chemij provides insight into Customer Relationship Management and how it is being leveraged across Hewlett-Packard.

About our guest:

Morgan Chemij is the Senior Director of Marketing at Hewlett-Packard (HP) overseeing all direct marketing (Marketplaces, SEM, PLA, Display, Affiliate, and CRM) for the U.S. as well as & Global UX / SEO for HP Stores. He is a metrics-driven leader with nearly 2 decades of experience innovating strategies and providing marketing-driven solutions that enhance positioning, reduce costs and ignite growth. Morgan provides insight into how he leverages Customer Relationship Management (CRM) across his organization for a cohesive strategy.

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  • 00:38: Introduction & Morgan's background at Hewlett-Packard
  • 02:02: The role CRM has in a brand's marketing
  • 04:14: The future of CRM Marketing
  • 08:47: Ideal relationship between CRM Managers and other marketing channels such as Paid Social to drive performance
  • 12:14: Wishlist: Frustrations to fix with the snap of his fingers
  • 18:06: Closing thoughts

Key takeaways

  • You should be using your CRM to engage, educate, and stay top of mind when customers' next purchase decision comes up to increase loyalty and LTV.
  • Privacy-centric changes are not eliminating personalization. Understanding the context of how a customer interacts with your brand to create a personalized experience.
  • Use CRM to create consistency on messaging, creative, and tone for audiences across multiple acquisition channels
  • Lean into tools that remove friction and make it simple for customers to engage and purchase.
  • We're at a cross-roads when it comes to data: use data to improve the end-user experience
  • Success is built on organizational team effort

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