Customer Development with Kevin Hillstrom

In this episode, Kevin Hillstrom demystifies Customer Development and breaks down the impacts of knowing how customers interact with brands.

About our guest:

Kevin is President of MineThatData, a consultancy that helps CEOs understand the complex relationship between Customers, Advertising, Products, Brands, and Channels. He has a long tenure analyzing data for e-commerce and retail brands, including his roles as Vice President of Database Marketing at Nordstrom, Director of Circulation at Eddie Bauer, and Manager of Analytical Services at Lands' End. Kevin discusses the process of analyzing customers' journey from 1st purchase to 4th purchase and determining the loyalty of that customer.

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Twitter: @minethatdata

  • 00:58: Introduction & defining "Customer Development" to determine customer loyalty
  • 03:02: Using 1st Party Data and its importance to teach the organization how a customer behaves
  • 06:17: Strategies that are being often overlooked by brands
  • 12:00: Thoughts on increasing customer loyalty by building a relationship
  • 15:32: Kevin's first steps when working with a new brand
  • 17:40: How to recognizing a brand needs to strengthen Customer Development strategies
  • 19:55: Closing thoughts

Key takeaways

  • Specific products a customer purchases today signals what they may buy tomorrow
  • Put the right product, and the right offer in front of the customer
  • Customer loyalty takes 4-5 purchases, and often only takes 2-3 months before the customer lapses

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