Performance Marketing Landscape with Gabe Calemmo

In this episode, Gabe Calemmo provides insight into navigating the privacy-centric landscape of performance marketing.

About our guest:

Gabe Calemmo is the Head of Performance at Canvas Worldwide, the world's second-largest independent media agency. As head of performance, Gabe has kept a close eye on the latest trends and privacy changes affecting the performance marketing landscape and marketing industry.

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  • 00:31: Introduction & Gabe's work at Canvas Worldwide
  • 01:21: Gabe's thoughts on the current landscape of performance marketing
  • 03:16: 3 tips for brands and advertisers who are unsure what direction to take with all the privacy-centric changes
  • 07:20: Perspective from brands that have a massive amount of data
  • 12:05: Advice for brands who are exploring new publishers in the new privacy-centric landscape
  • 18:51: Wishlist: Frustrations to fix with the snap of his fingers

Key takeaways

  • Don't panic due to privacy-centric changes: the users are still available on the platforms. Brands & advertisers need to get creative with how to best reach their audiences.
  • Best preparation is to over-prepare: if you're not investing in your 1st Party data collection and site metrics that guide future strategies.... now is the time to focus on these items.
  • Keep your ear to the ground on resources: many companies are innovating and investing in new identifier solutions to assist with reaching your target audiences.
  • If exploring new publishers, put yourself in the mind of the publisher: brands will likely see increased offering in new ad units that enhance the experience for their audiences.

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