Brand Messaging with Peep Laja

In this episode, Peep Laja discusses Brand Messaging, information hierarchy, and differentiation.

About our guest:

Peep Laja is founder of CXL, an e-learning platform dedicated on providing advanced level of marketing training. He is now building Wynter to make messaging a measurable part of marketing. Voted #1 most influential conversion rate optimization expert in the world, Peep is a champion of conversion optimization and messaging.

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Twitter: @peeplaja

  • 0:59: Introduction and data-driven Brand Messaging
  • 3:24: Glaring mistakes brands are making
  • 5:54: Information hierarchy
  • 10:03: Best practices for messaging
  • 12:22: How to audit your messaging for ads
  • 15:30: Experimenting different messaging for different audiences
  • 18:28: Message differentiation
  • 24:34: Closing thoughts

Key takeaways

  • Avoid Jargon, speak with clarity and avoid blind-spots
  • Provide information and context in a timely fashion by following an optimal information hierarchy
  • Experiment with different messaging across different audiences to find what resonates best for each group

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