Performance Creative with Nick Shackelford

In this episode, Nick gives his perspective on the importance of performance-driven ad creative.

About our guest:

Nick Shackelford is founder of Konstant Kreative. Nick has spent most of his career focused-in on the performance side of marketing and has worked with brands such as Pepsico and Apple. Now, he’s helping brands leverage creative to drive performance.

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  • 00:53: Introduction & Nick's efforts helping brands through performance driven creative
  • 02:22: Common mistakes when planning for performance creative
  • 05:28: Must-haves for performance-driven creative
  • 08:00: Differences in creative approach for small and enterprise brands
  • 11:01: Trends & changes in approaching creative due to privacy-focused changes
  • 14:00: Advice for brands beginning to test new paid social channels
  • 15:54: Wishlist: Frustrations to fix with the snap of his fingers

Key takeaways

  • Brands are beginning to use creative as the driving mechanism to targeting; broad targeting and allowing the creative to resonate with desired audiences.
  • Performance creative should have: product in use, authenticity, pull emotion, and have an open question – brands only have ~3 seconds to grab attention.
  • Iterative testing: Always test different (diverse) variations of your current creative.
  • Brands are being cash-efficient by extending the shelf-life of content and repurposing their creative.
  • Brands shouldn't duplicate creative for Facebook and expect it to work in Pinterest, Snapchat, or TikTok – there is a difference in the audiences of shoppers.

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